Aug 23 2014

Seven Guitars and More


Less than a month until the debut of August Wilson’s Seven Guitars, a play that The New York Times has called a “rich music-drenched drama”:

The marvel of Seven Guitars, which is always true of Wilson at his best, is how large a social portrait emerges from seeming small talk: from bickering, joking, gossiping and idle scheming. From such conversation emerges a sense of an entire economic and legal system, stacked unwinnably against the black man; a social structure in which home and relationships are rarely fixed; and a folklore of rhymes and superstitions and recipes that acquire another layer every time they are repeated.

Discover the rest of the exciting No Rules 2014-15 season here.

Be the first to see No Rules Theater Company’s Seven Guitars Sept. 10 – 28  in residence at Signature Theater in Shirlington Village (Arlington, VA). Get your tickets now.

Jul 16 2014

Medea: ‘They like me, they really like me!’

The reviews for Medea’s Got Some Issues are in and, as a certain character might say:

They are greeeeeaaat!


Writing for The Washington Post, Celia Wren calls Medea a “witty solo show” and a “hilarious rant.” Read the full review here.

And on DC Metro Theater Arts, Christina Marie Frank writes:

          Director Joshua Morgan and the team from No Rules Theatre Company
          create the perfect atmosphere including a fabulous set … The real treat
          of this show is to see that fringe is not just for newcomers, but a chance for
          seasoned professionals to stretch their wings.

          Hodsoll does this brilliantly when she expertly takes us through classical bits of
          Euripides, puts on a variety of accents with precision, and makes us laugh at
          Medea’s sadly accurate view of sexism. Perhaps her best role is as herself lamenting
          the tendency of DC theatre to ignore it’s greatest assets: actresses like her.

Keep reading.

Co-presented at the 2014 Capital Fringe Festival by No Rules Theatre Company and Spain Arts & Culture, Medea’s Got Some Issues has just three more performances. Get your tickets now.

Jul 14 2014

Good Word of Mouth for Medea

The Washington City Paper‘s Rebecca Ritzel says she’s glad she made it to the opening night of Medea’s Got Some Issues. Join us for the next show Tuesday evening!

(From 8’58” to 12’42” Rebecca & Chris Klimek, the editor of Fringeworthy, talk Medea)

Jul 12 2014

Three Minutes with #NoRulesMedea

Video by Scott Selman, CYM Media

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