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Joshua Morgan (right) directs a rehearsal of the 2010 production of Some Girl(s) with Brian Sutow and Clementine Thomas.

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Vera Louise 14

Vera Floyd 12

Vera End

Ruby 22

Ruby 21

Red carter Women 14

Red carter Biscuits 14

Louise WVera 14

Louise OldGolds 13

Louise GetDressed 27

HEDLEY Ruby 21

HEDLEY OldGolds 13

HEDLEY Nowhere 22

HEDLEY Lazarus 13

Floyd Vera 12

Floyd Canewell 23

Floyd 7ways 23

Canewell SameAsYou 23

Canewell Rooster

Canewell Love

Canewell Lazarus 13



GLORIA Audition and Callback


All roles paid. Both Equity and Non-Equity Performers are welcome.

NRTC offers an SA Level II Contract for all AEA performers. NRTC holds rehearsals both daytime and evening, depending on the needs of the production.

You may choose to prepare one or more (but no more than three) of the following:

ACTORS: One and a half minute contemporary monologue.

SINGERS: Sixteen bars of a musical theater piece. (Accompanist provided.)

MUSICIANS: A one minute piece (may be original) on your instrument. (Piano available.)

SPECIAL TALENTS: Seeking only truly skilled performers. Limit your piece to one minute.

(See breakdown for The No Rules Show.)

TO AUDITION: Email a copy of your current headshot and resume to along with your preferred audition time by Thursday, October 3rd. You will receive a confirmation e-mail with a time slot by Friday, October 4th.




Created by Joshua Morgan and Brian Sutow

Directed by Brian Sutow

Performances in Winston-Salem, NC: 7/22/14 – 7/27/14

Performances in Arlington, VA: 11/5/14 – 11/16/1

Synopsis: Half Revue. Half Talk Show. All No Rules. Different entertaining guests join host Joshua Morgan every night in this wild and crazy madcap variety show. From stage stars to politicians you never know who might show up or what might happen.


A variety of skilled performers. Jugglers, dancers, contortionists, magicians, acrobats, comedians, slam-poets, psychics…


By Marc Camoletti

Directed by Matt Cowart

Rehearses in Arlington, VA: 4/29/14 – 6/3/14

Performances in Arlington, VA: 6/4/14 – 6/29/14

Rehearses in Winston-Salem, NC: 7/1/14 – 7/8/14

Performances in Winston-Salem, NC: 7/9/14 – 7/27/14


It’s the 1960s, playboy bachelor Bernard couldn’t have it any better: a flat in Paris; a committed housekeeper; and three airplane-stewardess fiancees, each of whom thinks she’s the only one. Bernard’s perfectly orchestrated life gets bumpy when his friend Robert comes to stay…and unexpected weather and speedier Boeing jets throw off all his careful planning. Chaos ensues in this classic French farce.

Seeking actors who are adept at both physical and verbal comedy:

BERNARD (25-45): A Parisian bachelor and ladies man. Good at what he does and knows it. Thinks he has it all figured out.

ROBERT (25-45): Bernard’s dear old friend. Likes things simple and calm. Fish out of water in Bernard’s flat.

BERTHE (35+): Bernard’s long-suffering French housekeeper. He needs her and she knows it. (Accent required.)

GLORIA (25-35): An American air hostess. Flighty, upbeat, romantic, bossy. Likes money.

GABRIELLA (25-35): An Italian air hostess. Easygoing and sensual. Gets along well with Bertha. (Accent required.)

GRETCHEN (25-35): A German air hostess. Aggressive and solid. (Accent required.)



By August Wilson

Directed by Michele Shay

Rehearses in Arlington, VA: 8/11/14 – 9/9/14

Performances in Arlington, VA: 9/10/14 – 9/28/14

Rehearses in Winston-Salem, NC: 9/30/14 – 10/7/14

Performances in Winston-Salem, NC: 10/8/14 – 10/19/14

Synopsis: The fifth in August Wilson’s decade by decade exploration of the black experience in America. In the backyard of a Pittsburgh tenement in 1948, friends gather to mourn for a blues guitarist and singer who died just as his career was on the verge of taking off. The action that follows is a flashback to the busy week leading up to Floyd’s sudden death.



FLOYD BARTON (35): Blues singer/guitarist with big aspirations and big flaws. Passionate, hopeful. Knows how to do the right thing for a little while, but then that little while runs out. In love with his ambition and with Vera.


HEDLEY (59): Keeps, butchers, and sells chickens. He suffers from tuberculosis and possible dementia. Desirous and disturbed. No one really knows his story, but we know he’s been through a lot. Lives mentally in a past and future fantasy; lives physically with Louise. Needs Ruby.


LOUISE (48): The matriarch. Doesn’t rock the boat, but issues wise warnings. Knows what it is to be used up and left. A realist, uninterested in love, fed up with life and death.


VERA (27): Faithful. Described as a true woman in character and physicality. She has been given the run-around by Floyd, but continues to fall for him.


RED CARTER (30s): Floyd’s friend and drummer. Superstitious. Simpler, steadier, from Alabama. Red likes to have a good time, but is in the middle of 7 years bad luck because he broke a mirror.


RUBY (25): Louise’s niece. Stubborn, young, and fatally attractive. She won’t belong to anyone, but needs someone to take care of her unborn child.


CANEWELL (30s): Floyd’s friend and harmonica player. Tired of playing second fiddle to Floyd. Edgy, wary, and dissatisfied. Thinks he knows best. In love with Vera.



Written by Joshua Morgan and Brian Sutow

Directed by Brian Sutow

Rehearses in Arlington, VA: TBD

Performances in Arlington, VA: TBD



Under the musical direction of Bill Hampton, an unlikely – and often unruly – cast of characters rehearses to get their Christian community a capella group to Broadway.



Mary Beth-Ann Mullen (18-22): Adorable but shy, with a high soprano.  She’s the daughter of Susan Elizabeth. She’s treated like she’s 12; for good reason…

Bill Hampton (25-65):  The musical director. Serious and competitive, especially when it comes to Todd.

Trish Hackley (25-35): Trophy wife of Todd Hackley.  Gorgeous, distracting, churchgoing. About as intelligent as a piece of cardboard.

Todd Hackley (25-40): Husband of Trish. Very uptight and very competitive (particularly with Bill). Stuck in a loveless marriage, a bit abusive.

Ezra Sutovinsky (25-55): The one Jewish member of the group. Originally brought on as an accountant for the group, he now sings with them because of his low bass voice.

Wendy Schatzell (40-60): Donates her free time to choreographing productions at the Old Folks’ Home. Like a Southern Celine Dion.

Susan-Elizabeth Mullen (30-40): The mother of Mary Beth-Ann. Passive aggressive and unintentionally condescending. Alcoholic.

Petr Bjornsen (17-27): Originally from Minnesota, Petr considers himself a “hip” Christian youth.   He’s starting his own “street-smart” youth group with his young wife. Almost all of the women in the group (and perhaps one or two of the men) are in love with him.

David Myers (25-40): A cheerful, upbeat Minister. Quieter and sincere, he leads the prayers before and after performances. Closeted.

Guinivive Fanshaw (14-17): A loveable, but offbeat teen. Has a tendency to be slightly morally righteous/racist. She’s terribly in love with Petr, although she also seems to have inappropriate romantic chemistry with Todd Hackley.

Rosemary Guildenstern (14-17): A happy, optimistic teen. Wheelchair bound. Thinks of herself as more “handi-capable” than “handicapped.”

Terry Quinlan (Ageless): Overweight, jolly and androgynous. Very folksy and kind. You’d hug Terry, but he probably doesn’t smell very good.



Adapted by Helen Pafumi & Jason Lott

Directed by Joshua Morgan

Rehearses in Winston-Salem, NC: TBD

Performances in Winston-Salem, NC: TBD


Based on the classic 1946 film “It’s a Wonderful Life.” The story follows George Bailey, a man who has given up his own dreams to help others. His imminent suicide on Christmas Eve brings the intervention of his guardian angel, Clarence. George gets the miraculous chance to see how he’s impacted the lives of those in his family and community.


Seeking: CAST




A new outreach initiative of No Rules Theatre Company

Ongoing in Washington, DC and Winston-Salem, NC


A variety of musicians to make up a rotating group of performers for special events. Singer/songwriters, solo instrumentalists and composers, jazz and folk musicians, cover-artists, plus those with arranging experience are encouraged to audition.



Designers are generally hired around January/February for the following season. If you are a designer interested in collaborating with us, please send a cover letter and resume to


Production staff is hired throughout the year depending upon the needs of a particular project.  If you work in production and are interested in collaborating with us, please send a cover letter and resume to

Script Submissions

We are currently welcoming submissions of original theatrical materials for future seasons. To submit an original play, please email a PDF to

If you are wishing to submit an original musical, please do not overload our server by trying to email recordings of songs. You can either send us a link where we can download your recorded materials, or you can send a hard copy of recorded materials to:

Karin Rosnizeck
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